Have you ever wondered in today’s world who has succumbed the most to technology and been enslaved by all the electronic gadgets? It’s your kids! It’s important to get them on electronics and gadgets, but it’s even more important to get them creative outside of electronics. Get your kids creative today. Magnetic blocks can help.

With the evolution of technology, the big leap in the field of musical instruments came in the form of electronic musical instruments. Learn about the fascinating world of electric guitars, digital pianos and electronic drums.

In today’s world we see the term “hypoallergenic” being used more commonly than ever before, such as in bedding, pillows, cosmetics, pet products etc. This is key to arming ourselves against allergens. Learn all about allergies and become hypoallergenic in all you use!

Electronics has not only pervaded the lives of adults but has also transformed the way of life for kids. As a parent you may be keen to fill your kids’ room with gadgets that make sure they are not left out as technology progresses. Increasingly teachers are also beginning to use digital tools in their class room setting. Learn about these and more.

Amazon Echo is a giant leap in the world of highly intelligent devices that serve as digital personal assistants. Working in tandem with the voice activated digital assistant Alexa, Echo can do several tasks. This device alone can show us how the future world with artificial intelligence or AI will look like.

Maybe you’ve heard of bluetooth FM transmitter recently and never took the time to understand what it actually is! Or perhaps you have heard, or probably even have one, but aren’t seeing results you expect. You get in your car and you turn on the radio seeking to play that favorite song of yours loud…

Digital forehead ear thermometer has replaced the traditional thermometer and has not only made the process easy, but has also provided for greater accuracy in being able to monitor health and provide readings with precision.

Get your devices at home connected to be able to manage them remotely utilizing just your wi-fi of your home or office, and your smart phone app with the indoor wi-fi controlled outlet and programmable timer. No ongoing fees. And a snap to setup and get going.

Are you tired of misplacing and losing important things? Tile tracker can come to your rescue. By installing an app on your existing mobile device and adding just a small device to your key chain you can easily locate your misplaced items. Learn all about this nifty device and how you can use it efficiently.

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We all desire the best quality sound for playing our music or videos.  With the world having gone mobile, we depend on our smart phones for just about everything.  This, needless to say, also includes playing music or video.  There’s clearly a need for good quality speakers.

Let’s admit it.  We have an ever increasing device count of the number of “i” devices we now have in our possession.  Multiple versions of iPhones with all the new releases and multiple iPhones for each member of the family.  And with the ever increasing apps as well as the ever increasing power with each…

USB Type C cables are best suited for smart phones and modern electronic devices such as Mac, Chromebook, Pixel etc. They provide super fast charging capability. Additionally, if the cable is durable, such as with nylon braiding, you can be assured of safe operation.

Welcome to the new generation of cordless upright vacuum cleaner, where you can get the job done without messy cords or bags and with the ability to clean it all – down the floors, up the upholstery and sofa, inside the car, anywhere!

Message Boards help communicate your message effectively to your business prospects and customers.  Today, a LED Message Board is increasingly popular in business. Here are key considerations before you decide to invest in one.

The Case for a Smartphone Car Mount Smart phone usage continues to rise and isn’t showing any signs of slowdown for the foreseeable future.  Now, that’s a great thing.  Smart phones have revolutionized our lives and that’s fantastic.  However, with this has also come a stage where use of smart phones in certain situations isn’t…

Power Banks (External Battery Charger) are all the rage today. However, there nuances and types to consider before you decide to invest in one. Should you care? Read on to discover more

Portable Jump Starters are new, but have fast become a car owner’s pride.  You never know when you’re car battery might drain out.  Whether from a light that’s left running accidentally, or just a weak battery that doesn’t quite hold sufficient charge when not in motion, it’s unfortunately a common occurrence to see the car…

Are We There Yet! Almost all the adults with children have encountered this familiar question from their little ones inside the car when they venture out on long road trips – “Are we there yet?”. Over the course of decades parents have comforted their kids during such long drives by encouraging them to read books,…

It’s no surprise that smart phone adoption globally is growing at a staggering rate.  According to statistica, the number of smart phone users is set to grow to 3 billion by 2020.  Just look around your own household and count the number of smart phones and other devices.  Yeah, that’s right!  In fact, a majority…

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