Bluetooth FM Transmitter: What You Must Do First

Maybe you've heard of bluetooth FM transmitter recently and never took the time to understand what it actually is! Or perhaps you have heard, or probably even have one, but aren't seeing results you expect.

You get in your car and you turn on the radio seeking to play that favorite song of yours loud and clear using your awesome car speakers.  You endlessly seek to find and play your favorite song.  And you can't tune to any you like.  You then know your only source is Youtube and you turn on your smart phone to play your favorite song.  You're happy you found what you like, however you are deeply saddened that the speaker volume on your smart phone a'nt just cutting it.

You wish you could somehow play that favorite song on youtube from your smart device and transmit it to the powerful car audio speakers.  A dream that can be fulfilled? You bet!

Welcome to the world of Bluetooth FM Transmitters

Simply speaking, bluetooth FM transmitters allow you to connect your smart device to your car audio through the car's cigarette lighter and FM via bluetooth connectivity.  Sounds complex?  It isn't.  You would simply connect your smart phone to the bluetooth FM transmitter and tune in.  The audio comes out of the tuned-in FM radio station via your car speakers.

While this certainly is simple, most people get it wrong.  And they get frustrated in the process, and even think the device they have is faulty.  Or, they somehow end up tuning partially, only to hear garbled music with a lot of noise and never enjoy the experience this ought to provide you if only they had set it up right.

Set it right, and you can turn your music device into a mini radio station!

And before we get further, if you're wondering if this works only if you're enabled with Bluetooth, the answer is no.  You can certainly get a FM transmitter that connects to the headphone socket on your phone and avoid bluetooth.  But as you've surely noticed, smart phones are doing away with headphone sockets these days, and chances are very high that your smart device is bluetooth enabled.  So, do yourself a favor and invest in an inexpensive bluetooth FM transmitter.

You'll be glad you did.

You can certainly get more sophisticated with investing in a bluetooth transmitter that also allows for other functions, such as USB charging, ability to answer incoming phone calls etc.  Take a look at a few of these interesting options below:

Tuning Your Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Properly tuning in your bluetooth FM transmitter is the single most important to-do to get it right.  Majority of people get this wrong and end up totally dis-satisfied.  Just follow the steps below and you'll enjoy turning your smart phone into a mini-radio station and enjoy music via your car audio for a long time to come!

  1. Connect your Bluetooth FM transmitter to the car cigarette lighter
  2. Ensure you turn off bluetooth on your smart phone
  3. Select a particular frequency setting on the bluetooth FM transmitter device by turning the knob/ring as might be available
  4. Now, set the same frequency on your car radio FM.  As an example, if you selected 100.1 on your FM transmitter, set the car FM also to 100.1.  You should typically select one that isn't used by radio channels, at least not the popular ones.  This way, you can continue enjoying your favorite radio station FM in your car when you need it.
  5. You've now completed the initial tuning in, matching the FM setting between your bluetooth transmitter and your FM radio.  This is the single most important step.
  6. Turn on your smart phone bluetooth.  You should now be able to pair the smart phone bluetooth to your FM transmitter bluetooth.
  7. Once you pair both, you're now connected through.  Your smart phone talks to your FM transmitter via bluetooth.  And your bluetooth FM transmitter is tuned to your car radio via FM setup.
  8. Be sure to select the FM frequency you setup in #4 above (in the example, 100.1)
  9. You're now all set.  You should be able to play music or youtube or just about anything, including podcasts etc., from your smart phone device and have it play loud and clear using your car audio via the bluetooth FM magic!
  10. That's it.  You're in for a lot of fun!

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