Cool Amazon Deals You Might Not Know Exists

Sure, you're bound to have seen Amazon promo codes and have likely used it to lock-in a great deal.  And yes, we'll know about sophisticated search, filter and sort functionality in Amazon to pin down what we're looking for.  But chances are, you might not know some of the following cool Amazon deals exist and is just a click or tap away!


Lightning deals zip in and out fast. These are daily deals at awesome prices. Sellers who choose to run these lightning deals are required to price them at a discount to the lowest price they've sold that product at in the year. And they have to commit to certain quantity of products. And only those that meet certain criteria such as minimum star rating with reviews are allowed to participate. So you can rest assured you're getting a great deal. But these deals are called lightning for a reason. They sell out really fast. At a glance, you can see your discounted price, percent discount, time left before the deal expires and all other usual product listing details such as image, description, stars, rating count etc. See deals you're watching on the page, or let the deals come to you by receiving Amazon's daily deals email. Once on the page, you have various filter options such as category, star rating, price, discount percentage etc., so you can easily narrow down your choices. And along side lightning deals, you can also filter to Deal of the day, Coupons, Prime Early Access deals, Savings & Sales etc. You can further filter to deals specific to Black Friday, Refurbished Deals, Warehouse Deals, Digital Deals, Woot! Deals etc. Needless to say, there's plenty here for you to shop smart!

Lightning Deals


Exactly what it says!  Each is $10 or under and comes with free shipping.  Products are categorized neatly into women's, men's, electronics, gifts, home decor, household, deck the walls or view them all!

$10 & Under with Free Ship


Amazon Coupons you can clip directly as featured on While on the page, you can easily sort by popular coupons, discount percentage, expiring soon, newest, oldest etc. and also filter and sort by offers in the department of your choice. And when you clip the coupons, the discount gets directly applied, and makes it really convenient.

Amazon Direct Coupons


You're bound to stay glued to the interesting finds for a while. Between fun items, plush toys, holiday finds, workspace, gadgets, holiday toy lists, creatures, daily carry, sunglasses, smart home, women's, kitchen, tees, little kids, wood, bikes, planters, home, audio, watches, photo, mid-century, bar, big kids, sneakers, pets, travel, lighting, men, skate etc. to the ability to heart your favorite picks so Amazon shows you more of them the next time you visit, this one is sure to tickle your fancy!

Interesting Finds Updated Daily


Amazon gift cards need no introduction. They're extremely popular and often one of the best sellers. It's just convenient to give the gift of amazon card to your friends & family so they can shop what they want. You have the option of selecting a physical card or a e-gift card. You can send a card by mail or print one at home. Gift card for other brands and businesses are other options available. You might also be interested in Baby Registry or Wedding Registry, both of which are also extremely popular.

Amazon Gift Cards


Amazon conveniently features the products that get the most visibility with buyers into convenient lists and keeps them updated every hour. Lists are organized into

Best Sellers
New Releases
Movers & Shakers
Most Wished For
Gift Ideas
Best Deals Now

Each of these lists are further conveniently categorized, so you can filter to the particular department of your choice. Note that these lists are updated every hour based on real-time actual data.

Best Sellers This Hour

There you have it. A convenient collection of all the cool Amazon deals you might not have known exists, at least until now. Happy shopping!

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