Keep Your Kids Entertained On Road Trips With This

Are We There Yet!

Almost all the adults with children have encountered this familiar question from their little ones inside the car when they venture out on long road trips – “Are we there yet?”. Over the course of decades parents have comforted their kids during such long drives by encouraging them to read books, sing songs or have tried to occupy with travel-sized board games.

With the onset of technology, ebooks, cell phones, ipads and DVD players have taken the prominent spots in the world of onboard entertainment inside vehicles. I have myself thought that one should use the long car rides to inspire kids to be more social, have them talk and interact with each other, and not have them use devices. I could not have been more mistaken in this thought!

The constant need to intervene to separate the little tiffs among kids, keeping them from boredom and above all the challenge to provide peace of mind to the driver – these made me realize it is ok to use some screen time during long car drives. You can have them watch not just movies for entertainment but can add in one or two shows that are informative and educational too.

Among the above mentioned electronic device options, DVD players have a special place with kids. They often lose track of time when they watch their favorite shows or movies on a DVD player, giving the drivers enough peace of mind to navigate safely, without commotion inside their vehicles. Seeing the growing need for onboard devices, several manufacturers have come out with innovative products to suit the various growing needs of travelling kids/adults.

Attaching a DVD player to a headrest is a trending option that makes carrying the portable movie-viewing electronic devices unnecessary. There are a couple of options here – DVD players that can be mounted on to existing head rests in cars and DVD players that come pre-attached to head rests which will be fitted in the place of existing head rests. The DVD players that attach to existing head rests can either be mounted to an active headrest or a non active headrest.

An active headrest is a safety feature introduced in newer cars and this feature allows the headrest to move suitably during an accident to minimize whiplash injury. The mounting in most models is a relatively easy process. Once mounted, the DVD player will remain attached to existing headrest in the car.

Headrest DVD Player

Universal headrests along with LCD screens are available for cars and they can conveniently fit most of the vehicles. The screen-fitted headrests come in different colors like gray, tan, black etc. to suit interior of the vehicle. The monitors come in different sizes including 7 inches and 9 inches offering flexibility in screen sizes too. Many models come with built-in DVD players. This would tremendously help people that did not opt for a dvd package in their car. For example, my friend opted for a car without DVD package in their SUV – they regretted it as they would have to remember to carry a portable device for entertainment every time. If you happen to have made such a choice, you need not have any more regrets.

Many of the screen-fitted headrests are equipped with built in HDMI/MHL and USB inputs. They have built in SD card slots and readers. The swivel screen which helps with adjusting to the perfect angle for viewing, the touch screen capability and wireless head phone option along with remote control availability will add to the convenience of watching inside the vehicles. Some models offer two screens – one with integrated DVD player and another for display only, making things easier if there are multiple people watching. If you want more flexibility where two kids want to watch two different shows/movies you can also buy two head rests with each having its own DVD player.

The ability to playback multiple formats like DVD, VCD, CD, MP-3 etc. adds to the versatility of this cool onboard car accessory. The built-in speakers as well as multiple play modes like full, wide, cinema mode etc. enhance the viewing experience. The DVD players also are region free – they can be used worldwide.

It is certainly worth exploring this headrest device during long drives – which parent would not enjoy a peaceful car ride during long journeys?

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