Extend the Life & Performance of Your Power Bank

It's no surprise that smart phone adoption globally is growing at a staggering rate.  According to statistica, the number of smart phone users is set to grow to 3 billion by 2020.  Just look around your own household and count the number of smart phones and other devices.  Yeah, that's right!  In fact, a majority of today's population can't live without a smart phone, including with carrying the device to the bed!

Smart phones are smart, very smart.  And you can get almost anything done with the device.  Sure, you're using it at home and at work.  But, you're also dependent on your phone while you travel.  And that's where the problem lies.

Imagine yourself on the road, or perhaps in the air on a plane, or perhaps you enjoying at the beach.  You reach out to your phone wanting to get that urgent email sent, or perhaps check on that last minute deal, or desperate to get that selfie taken with your friends at the beach.  And you realize you're just about running out of battery, or perhaps already are out of power.  And there are no AC outlets nearby.  Ouch!

Power Bank

This is exactly where a portable power bank can help.  Carry a light weight external battery charged up and you'll have instant power.  You can keep your smart phone charged or if out of power, just snap it to your power bank and be back in business (or fun) instantly!

Power banks are no longer a nice-to-have.  They have become a must have mobile accessory today.  Sure, they are available at a wide variety of prices and types.  The goal of this article is not to go deep into the various types and what to look for in a power bank.  We'll save that for a future article.  The goal here is to arm you with information on how you can best take care of the power bank (any power bank), so you can maximize the life and performance of the device.

Caring for Your Power Bank

Here are easy ways for you to extend the life and performance of your new power bank:

1. Firstly, an easy one – just use your device! After all, that’s what you acquired it for. Not using the device for extended periods of time and allowing the battery to deplete will slowly degrade the quality and lifetime. Simple, just use it where needed (such as when traveling or when you don’t have access to an outlet) and if you’re not traveling or not using it, just use it to charge your smart phone in place of a using an outlet periodically. And when you use the power bank, use it for a full cycle (i.e. for a full charge cycle of your smart phone until the power bank is fully depleted). As a rule of thumb, you might want to use it on a full cycle once a month or once every couple of months.

2. Second, when not using your power bank, just remember to have it be with charge and not fully depleted. As a rule of thumb, you might want to ensure the device if half charged.

3. Thirdly, and via common sense, ensure you’re not exposing the power bank to extreme conditions, such as very high temperatures or very high humidity.

That's it.  That was easy, a'int it?

It's Your Turn Now

There are lots of people that complain about their power banks working well initially when they acquired it, but then soon after noticed severe degradation.  Or perhaps, they find that the device rapidly loses the ability to charge up or provide sufficient ability to charge up smart devices.  And they often feel it's the quality of the device itself.

More often than not, if you just follow the three simple principles above, you'll find that your power bank will be a great accessory and a good companion for a long time.  And soon you may find yourself not being able to live without one, just as you're with your smart phone!

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