How to Shop for the Perfect Smartphone Car Mount

The Case for a Smartphone Car Mount

Smart phone usage continues to rise and isn't showing any signs of slowdown for the foreseeable future.  Now, that's a great thing.  Smart phones have revolutionized our lives and that's fantastic.  However, with this has also come a stage where use of smart phones in certain situations isn't ideal.  Take car for instance.  National Safety Council has reported that motor-vehicle deaths rose 6% in 2016.  So are related injuries.  This is a scary trend.

With the onslaught of more electronics in cars, and the population dependent on GPS to get almost anywhere these days, it is not just a problem with just holding a smart phone in hand to speak with others while driving.  It is also a deep issue with holding the phone in hand to check on GPS, or for any other unacceptable activity on the phone while driving including texting, chatting etc. These puts the driver in a precarious position.

Needless to say the issue isn't just with the driver, but to all passengers in the car, and to the other cars on the road as well.  A small misstep can cause damage to lives and to property in moments.  It isn't worth it.

This can be remedied.  Just don't hold the phone in the hand while driving.  Use a car mount, and mount your smart phone securely, and now, you can get to enjoy the benefits of this new world of smart phones, while removing the risk in the process as well.  Now, it's just like a radio in the car, which we're all used to for ages!

Smartphone Car Mount Key Considerations

Here are key considerations to shop for the perfect smartphone car mount you should consider:

  1. A snug fit to your air vent in the car, if that's the method you choose to fit your smart phone in the car.  A key consideration here should be to if the air vent rotates, so your phone can rotate between landscape or portrait modes easily.  The ability to easily swivel 360″ would prove useful.
  2. See if the mount is slim, and had padding so as not to dent or scratch the surfaces of the car.  After all, and as you well know, dents and scratches in the car decreases the re-sale value and could do so significantly.
  3. Should you decide not to go with a clamp (or suction) type fix of the vent to your smart phone, you might consider one that supports magnetic hold.  Just ensure that the snap is firm, as you don't want the smart phone to fall out of the mount easily.
  4. Should you decide not to go with an air vent for attaching the mount onto your car, you could consider one that attaches to your car dash or glass inside.  Mounts can attach to the air not just via air vents, but also via windshield, dashboard and even cigarette lighter or CD players.  There are options to consider.

Clearly, in today's connected world, it's important to stay connected.  And in today's ever increasing complexity with traffic, and in a global economy where you might be driving in places you aren't familiar with, use of navigation is also critical.

However, what is more important is to be connected while you're safe, and you have your fellow passengers and fellow drivers safe.  Nothing is more important than life, and this is where a simple gadget such as a smartphone car mount can make a world of difference.

The next time around, resist the temptation to just hold the phone in your hand while driving.  Invest in a smart phone car mount instead, and you'll do yourself and others around you a big favor!

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