Indoor Wi-Fi Controlled Outlet with Timer

Welcome to the age of the Internet of Things (IOT).  The world is fast moving into being a totally connected one.  It's already happening, and very soon, every one of your devices will be connected.  You'll be able to turn devices on/off, dim lights, change hue of bulbs, turn on or off heat or air conditioning, adjust temperature settings in any room, turn on spa – the list goes on. And best of all, you'll be able to do this with just your smart phone using an app that connects you to your remote device.  And while this might sound far-fetched, the reality is we're already there. Today, you have the power within your reach. Welcome to the indoor wi-fi controlled outlet with programmable timer.

Indoor Wi-Fi Controlled Outlet

One such device that enables this with ease is a wi-fi controlled outlet with programmable timer.  Essentially, you're able to connect your regular device to the grounded outlet of the device. These could be your everyday gadgets such as lamps, fans, radios, holiday decorative lights etc – basically anything that works on electricity (125V in the US).  Just utilizing the already existing Wi-Fi of your home, you can now connect this smart device to your smart phone app (that comes included with the device).  And you're in control!

While the use for such a device is obvious, one not-so-obvious benefit is to be able to intelligently use this while you're away from your home, so you're remotely able to turn on/off lights inside the house.  That sure would provide that feeling that someone is inside the home, and could provide a major security boost preventing break-ins that otherwise might happen more easily.

Programmable Timer

Needless to say, the device being programmable, you're able to achieve various settings with ease.  These include countdowns, randomness, settings to suit sunrise or sunset etc.  You can also program schedules – weekends, weekdays etc. – much like how you're used to programming your water sprinklers.

Since the entire functionality is based on your already existing Wi-Fi, there are no ongoing subscription fees either, which makes it really convenient.  Compare this to a monitored Alarm system, where you'll have to incur an ongoing subscription fee, sometimes to the tune of $50/month!

Connecting up Switches

One question that you might just be wanting to get answer to is how you would create interconnection between various devices, as it might seem that this operates only to control a single appliance or gadget.  The great news is that these systems can be connected easily.  You could typically connect upwards of a dozen of these together so you're in total control with automating your entire home.

The brains to control your device remotely works via your smart phone app as illustrated above.  You should be able to get Apps suited for iOS or Android – the two most popular operating systems.  So, whether you're a fan of Apple or Samsung, or any other manufacturer smart phone that works based on Android, you're covered.  Just ensure that your device is relatively newer.  Your smart phone itself need not necessarily be connected to wi-fi.  So long as you have data enabled on your smart phone, that should suffice.

If you're wondering, what all your could control in your home using this, well, it's just about everything.  Think attic fans, irrigation sprinklers, lights, computers, exercise equipment that works on electricity, water heater, air conditioner, heater, interior lights, exterior lights, decorative lights, patio lights, landscape and garden lights, exhaust systems, circulation fans etc.

With no ongoing subscription fees necessary of any kind, and with the ability to connect multiple switches, and with being able to work this out of the box, you can be in control really fast!

Welcome to the new connected automated world!

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