Key Criteria for LED Message Board Selection

Message Boards have always been popular since the dawn of time.  These help communicate your message to your audience effectively.  Like with everything else, technology has provided for the way to innovation in message boards as well.  Today, a LED Message Board is fast becoming the norm and is popular in business.

In simple terms, a LED message board allows you to easily convey your key message to your customers.  The ease factor with which this can be accomplished is a vital benefit with this technology.  We'll go into more details below.

Here are seven key considerations when it comes to LED message boards

  1. Size: You can get LED message boards in various sizes.  Select one that is most appropriate for your business depending on where it is that it would be placed.  Needless to say, if your objective is to have onlookers be able to read from a distance, you need to go larger in your size of the message board.
  2. Writing: You can get programmable ones, where you can program and control from a smart phone or a computer, or you could get one where you are able to write on the board using a highlighter.  These are color liquid highlighters and the more options you have for color, the better it would be.  You can visually appeal to your customers with appropriate choice of colors for the message you're attempting to convey.  With either, it goes without saying that you're able to erase the board and re-use.
  3. Color: More color options (a dozen or more would be helpful so you can get creative), and potential flash options are all key considerations, as the very purpose of the LED board is to display your creativity in messaging – both in text and in art form, appropriately.
  4. Adjustments: Given this is LED display, you ought to be able to control brightness appropriately.  Look for the ability to change brightness levels.
  5. Setup: Look for ones that are ready to go and don't require significant steps to setup.  There are ready-to-go message boards available, where you're able to get up and running right out of the box.
  6. Quality: Quality is a key consideration.  You should look for the material used (glass, steel etc.) and ensure it's sturdy.  At the same time, it is also important that it's light weight and portable.  After all, you might need to move this around easily, either just around the business, or even perhaps a little ways off.  Ensure that the LED writing board also has the appropriate certifications, such as CE, RoHS etc.
  7. Battery: While an AC outlet connectivity is desired, it would also help to have it battery powered.  A remote to operate it would be an additional benefit.

If you're seeking outdoor LED message boards, where the primary purpose is to display outside, perhaps on the driveway, or at a strip mall entrance etc., there are additional considerations that would be beneficial to have.

Additional LED board considerations

  1. Light sensing: Given the display should work both during the day and night, it is desirable that your LED board has technology to sense the outside light and dim or brighten appropriately.
  2. Programming: It is important that you're able to remotely program the writing board using your computer or smart phone.  Be sure to pay attention to how seamless programming can be.  You certainly do not want to climb high up to manually work on the LED display!  The same technology should also allow sufficient analytics and reporting so you can remotely analyze how the device performs.
  3. Weather control: If your display board is on the outside, it's a must that it be structured and guarded suitably to be able to adjust for weather – rain, cold, heat, snow, sun etc.
  4. Resolution: Depending on how far away from the audience eye the display is placed (for eg. billboards for viewing as folks drive by as against display at the entrance of the building complex where the audience proximity would be closer), if the display board has the capability to adjust for resolution, that would be a beneficial consideration.

A final topic that certainly deserves attention is how to strategically plan so your LED message board is actually proving useful.  Needless to say, your sole objective with the message board is to convey your message to your visitors.  As such, this can't happen unless your visitors actually read your board.  Think of creative means to craft your messages.

Strategic Messaging

  1. Consider including pattern interrupts.  Include colors, font sizing, font styling, drawings, call outs etc. in strategic places so the message is not monotonous.
  2. Keep content fresh. It's vital that if you have repeat customers, the message they see constantly changes.  This would sub-consciously force them to get into the habit of reading your message boards in the hopes to see something new.
  3. Include value added messages.  There are a variety of value added messages you can add that would serve your customers beyond your own business.  Weather updates, temperature, alerts, traffic accidents etc. are a few things you could consider including in your messaging.  A bit of humor could also go a long way in keeping your customers coming back to you and new ones flowing in!

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