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Provide details in the form below.  Use a Group promo code.  If the deal uses a Coupon Clip on Amazon listing page, note that.  We review all suggestions promptly, however we might not be able to respond to you or promote your suggestion.  NOTE THAT WE ARE VERY SELECTIVE OF THE DEALS WE PROMOTE.  Several factors go into our consideration, including if your suggestion is a fit for our audience, if we've promoted a similar deal in the recent past, if the deal price is attractive, reviews on the suggested product etc. We do not promise any sales or results from our promotion. If you see that your suggestion is already featured and that the code is expired or the deal has changed, suggest the deal again and note as such in comments and we'll update the deal with the new information. We typically promote in several destinations including, Facebook groups, mobile apps, paid ads and channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Blogs and Pinterest.

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