Tile Tracker To Your Rescue From Loss of Stuff

How frustrating are those times when you are all set to get inside your car and leave, only to find that you are missing your wallet or keys? It can get even more annoying when you have to spend those hours looking for your phone, not knowing where you last left it – perhaps at the café, at your office or at one of the places where you went to run errands? Losing such important items such as wallet and phone are beyond frustrating more often because losing those could mean giving room to identity theft. When you are unable to find car keys, you run the risk of missing important appointments or picking up your kid from school. Such memory lapses could potentially cause significant damages financially and emotionally.

Most of us have experienced losing such important things at one time or the other during our lives and wished that there was some magical way to instantly locate those critical missing items. Of course, as always, with the advent of technology nothing remains just a wishful thinking. Tracking devices are now available in the market which can be a boon to rectify our mistakes stemming from our forgetfulness. In today’s day and age where everyone is uber busy and is stressed out just about everything under the sun, forgetfulness is not something we can overcome very easily. So such tracker devices prove to be blessings in disguise.

What are these tracker devices anyway?

Tile Inc. sells tracking devices called Tile that can be attached to a key ring or stuck atop any item that you would not want to lose such as purse, wallet, laptop or back pack. This Tile works in tandem with the Tile app, that can be downloaded and installed on your phone or tablet. Bluetooth technology is used by the Tile and Tile app to communicate with each other. Once the connection is made, using Bluetooth signal, between the Tile and the Tile app on your phone/tablet, the Tile will then start communicating with the Tile-app on your mobile device to pin-point up-to-date information on Tile’s location by using the location services on the mobile phone.

Ensure the following to make sure that the Tile always works (so long as it’s within the Bluetooth range):

  1. The Bluetooth option on your mobile phone is always turned on.
  2. The location service option on your mobile has been enabled
  3. The Tile-app is up and running on your device

If you want to find the Tile then all you need to do is to press the “find” button on the app on your phone. The Tile will start ringing and you can locate it. You can also get the latest information on the Tile’s latest location by checking the app. However, for successfully using the Tile and app to locate the items, you need to ensure the above conditions are met.

Locating the Tile Tracker

  • Volume button on app: There is a volume control adjustment on the app which will have your Tile ring at different volumes. You can reduce it to a low volume when you don’t want to disturb others.
  • Proximity meter on app: Say the Tile is buried under something where you cannot hear the sound off Tile ringing you can use the proximity meter. The meter will begin to brighten up as you get close to the Tile’s location and fade as you move away from the Tile.

If you would like to share the info about your Tile with another person you trust, you can do so. All you need to do is provide an email address and that person will be able to update location, get info on the last Tile location as well as have the Tile ring to locate the misplaced items. Depending on the model, the Tile Bluetooth range of operation varies from 30 feet up to 200 ft.

If the Tile is beyond your Bluetooth range and you are unable to find it in your vicinity, you can tap into a community Tile-user network option. This has a reach to a huge community of Tile users. If your Tile is in the vicinity of another Tile user’s Bluetooth range, then you can get a location update on your Tile-app about your Tile’s most recent location. The Tile app not only records the last known location along with the time stamp at the most recent location of your Tile but also updates you when your Tile is on the Bluetooth range of any Tile user in the community network.

When your mobile phone is misplaced, you just need to use the Tile button and it will locate your phone if it is in the Bluetooth signal range. Even if your phone is in silent mode, it will still ring to show its location.

There are no specific maintenance routines required for this device. However, when the battery dies down in a year or so you need to replace your existing Tile with new Tile as battery cannot be replaced on a Tile. Also, the data on your phone gets used only when app is running in the foreground or while locating a Tile.

Tile Tracker Compatibility

Devices supported include Apple 4s and above, iPad (2012 or later) 3rd gen or 4th gen, Air iPad mini, Android 4.4 or higher etc. The device itself is very light – about .2 ounces and less than 1.5*1.5 inches in dimension. So effectively this would not add to the weight of your keychain or make your key ring unwieldy. Especially because you can also attach it to any flat surface using adhesive, it would be an invaluable accessory on any important item you would not want to misplace or lose. There are options/packages available to suit the needs to variety of Tile users such as Tilesport, Tileslim, Tile original etc. with different Bluetooth signal ranges.

In all, this is a nifty device that is an invaluable addition in any household or a great gift to a friend who is prone to misplacing things!

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