Why Portable Jump Starters Are Best For Your Car

Portable Jump Starters are new, but have fast become a car owner's pride.  You never know when you're car battery might drain out.  Whether from a light that's left running accidentally, or just a weak battery that doesn't quite hold sufficient charge when not in motion, it's unfortunately a common occurrence to see the car battery die down.  Add to this, if you're in a remote area where access to roadside assistance is difficult, the misery deepens.

Downsides of Traditional Jumper Cable

It used to be the case not too long ago when traditional jumper cables were the way to go, and the only way to go.  Traditional jumper cables do serve the purpose, however have severe downsides.  First, you need another car to derive power from.  If you're stuck in a remote area such as when visiting the woods, or perhaps stuck after hours, where spotting another vehicle is a challenge, you'll unfortunately be stuck even with access to the jumper cable.

The challenges with these cables don't just stop there.  Even if you do spot a vehicle that can borrow charge from and use a traditional jumper to start up your car, you ought to be very careful.  In the event you hook up the cable incorrectly, there's a severe danger you'd encounter.

The New Age Portable Jump Starters

Today, you longer need to be dependent on just a traditional jumper cable.  Sure, if you already have one, throw it in your trunk just in case.  However, you ought to look at investing in a portable jump starter.  These bring scores of benefits and advantages that once you understand them, it would be hard for you to live without them!

Firstly, the portable jump starters have battery in them, so they hold charge and are sufficient to jump start your car.  As such, you no longer need to be dependent on another vehicle!  This is an absolute savior.  And if you invest in a beefy one, you could be good for more than one jump start, which always helps.  These can also be charged up using your power in the car, so you could recharge them up and have them fully charged on the go.

Next, these newer jump starters are smart.  These typically carry safety features, such as alarms that go off in the event you connect the ends incorrectly.  Also, safety features provide reverse protection just in case you swap out the connections.  If you choose one that is sturdy on the tips, and sturdy on the cable, you're in for a treat!  More often than not, these come packed in a neat package, where you can stuff the jump starter cable, charger, battery etc. all neatly to tuck them away in a corner of your car trunk.  Visual lights are also common to provide you guidance, both in the event of a good connection or perhaps even a bad one.

So, the next time you venture out on the road in your car, be sure to invest in and carry along your portable jump starter.  You never know when stuff happens, and you end up being stuck on that wintery snowy roadside, or perhaps in that ski area, or at a park, but without any other vehicle nearby.  The portable jump starter might just be your new best friend!

Portable Jump Starter Choices

There are plenty of choices when it comes to portable jump starters today.  Following are a few ones you might consider.  However, do pay attention to the section on what to look for in a portable jump starter below, so you're making a wise decision before you invest in one.

What to look for in a Portable Jump Starter

  1. Power – the power rating of your jump starter is key.  This alone can determine if it can start up a SUV, or just a car.  These are generally rated in cold cranking amps (CCA) or peak amps (PA).  Target ones that are 200 CCA to 500 CCA.
  2. Capacity – this determines how much energy is stored in the battery and as such determines how many times you might be able to jump start a car.  You can always recharge the battery, so while this is important, power is even more important.
  3. Safety – as outlined above, safety features are a must.  Reverse-polarity protection can save your life in the event the connections are swapped.  Visible lights and audible alarms are beneficial as well.
  4. Quality – the clamps in your jump starter is the single most important component to ensure the purpose is accomplished.  The cables and the quality of the battery are also important and you must pay attention to these.
  5. Packaging – finally, pay attention to the packaging and the carry bag.  Ensure you're able to pack it all in a manner so it's really portable.

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