Not All Apple Lightning Cables Are Created Equal

Let's admit it.  We have an ever increasing device count of the number of “i” devices we now have in our possession.  Multiple versions of iPhones with all the new releases and multiple iPhones for each member of the family.  And with the ever increasing apps as well as the ever increasing power with each iPhone, unfortunately, the drain of the battery in the iPhone is also on the rise.

The Need for Apple Lightning Cable

No number of the Apple lightning cables for charging the smart phone, whether using the AC outlet or perhaps with a Power Bank is sufficient enough, it looks like.  We need multiple – one for the home office, one for the kitchen, one for the car, one at the office – the list goes on.

Sure, we can get a few of these Apple lightning cables stocked up.  But unfortunately, there's more to this than might appear.  You can't just get “any” Apple lightning cable, you actually need to pay close attention to what you're getting.  True, a simple search online for “Apple lightning cable” will fetch innumerable options, and prices starting from near zero.  You might be tempted to grab the “deal” of the lowest priced one, but you must resist that temptation for the risk is far greater than the rewards in making you a wrong choice.

Apple Lightning Cable Considerations

So, you're convinced you actually do need a few of these cables.  A few simple consideration is of-course the length of the cable.  You could get a short one if the goal is just to use it for charging your smart phone with a power bank.  Or, if you need one by your bedside (who doesn't these days – it's said that for many, the smart phone is the first thing they see whey they get up after it being the last thing they see the prior night before hitting the bed!), you should aim to get a long one, so you can extend it far from your power outlet to near your bed stand.  But before we get carried away to hit that buy button ..

The single most important and vital consideration to your choice of the Apple lightning cable is whether it is MFi certified.  This is a must for safety reasons as the risk is simply far too high not paying attention to this. You risk damaging the smart phone, the cable itself, heating up the cable or device too easily, or have issues with syncing your devices.  Additionally, this could pose a fire hazard with excessive heating.

Additional considerations of-course include quality of the cable and durability.  Your cable could easily get twisted multi-fold over the life cycle of its use, so pay attention to durability factor with twists and turns. And if you're getting a really long one, be sure that it has included velcro or other means to secure unused portion so you don't trip and fall over it, or have a messy long one left around.

Needless to say, study what others say about your choice of the cable.  Online reviews are a boon when it comes to providing neutral intel without having to purely depend on what the manufacturer says about the product.

Braided Nylon is a recent trend when it comes to the lightning cables.  Braided nylon has the characteristics of strength and durability and these are desirable factors to consider.  Twists and tangles are far less likely with these cables. Fibre inside the cable, such as Kevlar, also is something to study.

You could go a bit overboard in getting extremely strong and durable cables, with steel-like or metal enclosure outer etching on the cable.  These could be useful for use at home, where perhaps a pet of yours is nearby and has the habit of chewing cables.

It would certainly be a miss if we don't mention price as an important consideration.  If you're seeking a cable with all of the characteristics outlined above, it could get pricey and it might not be worth for you to get multiple packs of the expensive set.  As an example, your office use cable could be a different one than the one at home where a pet is nearby often.  Similarly, you could go for a shorter one for use in your car, as compared to a longer one you might be needing for use near the bed.

While you must pay attention to all of the above mentioned considerations, your ultimate choice of the Apple lightning cable should undoubtedly by whether it is MFi certified.

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