Your Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The need for good speakers isn't a topic that needs any explanation.  We all desire the best quality sound for playing our music or videos.  The days of being stuck to a desktop computer are long gone.  With the world having gone mobile, we depend on our smart phones for just about everything.  This, needless to say, also includes playing music or video.  Therein lies the need for wireless bluetooth speaker.

While smart phones have dramatically improved in many areas, including camera, where today, a smart phone camera is often even better than SLR cameras, speaker is one area where we are still dependent on external ones for that oomph!  And given we aren't tied down to a desk any longer, we certainly seek wireless ability, when it comes to speakers.

Wireless Speakers

When it comes to wireless speakers, there are two types that are choices.  One is wi-fi and other is bluetooth.  Given the wide adoption of bluetooth in virtually any connected device today, including cars, it certainly would be beneficial to have a bluetooth speaker solution.  Of-course, if you can choose one that is both wi-fi enabled as well as bluetooth enabled, the Fortunately, there are a variety of choices available today for bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth Speaker Considerations

Portability is an important first consideration.  This means that you should seek solutions where there's an embedded rechargeable battery.  This would make it easy to carry a speaker and be able to play it without depending on AC outlets.  This would make it truly portable.

Another consideration alongside the speaker being portable bluetooth is also to see if it is water-proof.  After all, you might be playing the speaker near your shower head!  Having it water proof would certainly provide you that enjoyable experience in your bathroom!

The speaker power, needless to say, will ultimately determine how much volume you can expect out of the speaker, and the overall sound quality, so take this into consideration as well.

Whether, wi-fi or bluetooth, be also aware of the nearness factor.  Both have a range where reception is good and where it becomes to fade.  Bluetooth begins to drop at distances beyond 30 ft or so.  Wi-fi will provide you better coverage, possibly several hundred feet.  Placement is also important, as barriers could interfere with the signal.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Choices

There are several great choices of wireless bluetooth speakers in the market today.  We've listed several key features you could consider in the section below.  Following are a few choices you could consider for further research ahead of deciding to invest in one.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Features

In addition to the above considerations, there are additional ones that are important for you to pay attention to when it comes to speakers.  Here are a few salient ones:

  1. Connectivity – Some speakers provide for docking ability, such as to be able to dock a smart phone etc.  If this is important for you, pay attention to the connectivity available in the speaker of your choice
  2. Hands-free – Certain bluetooth speakers allow you to be hands-free and make or receive phone calls from your smart phone via the speaker.
  3. Remote – If you have a remote control with your speaker, it can be additionally beneficial for you to turn up/down volume, receive calls etc.  If there's a voice feature, you could even speak to the speaker!
  4. I/O – Even though your speaker might be wireless, if there's input facility, you could still physically connect your device; having this as an additional benefit could always be helpful. Similarly, if you have the option to connect other devices, such as a subwoofer etc. to the output, that could be very useful in cases where that's needed.
  5. Shape/Size – the physical shape and size of the speaker is also a determining factor.  Along side this is the weight of the speaker.  These especially become important when it comes to portability.  As an example, capsule shaped bluetooth speakers provide for better bass and treble effects, given the shape.  Pocket bluetooth speakers fit in a pocket and makes it easy to carry around.  The shape of the speaker, as you can see, is vital.  It's sometimes called the form factor, so pay attention to this specification.
  6. Battery life – Even though you could recharge up the battery in the speaker, if the battery can provide you charge for a longer duration, you could enjoy music longer without interruption.  Invest in a speaker that provides you long battery life.
  7. Streaming – Certain higher end speakers allow you to stream music from online services, such as Spotify.  In these cases, you don't even need your laptop or smart phone to derive music from, and you could enjoy your favorite music just from within the speaker.  This then could serve stand alone for your music needs.

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