The Wonderful World of Kids Electronics

In the digitized world of today, electronics has become omni-potent and omni-present – wherever you turn you will see some object or the other function electronically. The number of things which are electronically driven that we use on a day-to-day basis is innumerable. You start your day with the digital alarm clock that helps you get off your bed, proceed to make coffee with a sophisticated coffee maker, toast your bread using a fancy multipurpose toaster, use your fridge equipped with latest technology that includes playing your favorite photo album on its digital screen, use your smart phone to check on various things or listen to music as you get ready for work. Then you hop on your car loaded with on-board digital electronics and go to work laden with computers and other digital devices. You use robots or top-of-the line vacuum cleaners to clean your home and use Echo like smart devices to do your mundane tasks – order pizza, turn on lights, play music or switch sprinkler system on etc.  Anywhere you go you are using an electronic device or appliance, without even consciously registering that electronics has become indispensable in today’s world.

Electronics has not only pervaded the lives of adults but has also transformed and digitized the way of life, for your kids. Electronic devices have become order of the day for your children. As a parent you may be keen to fill your kids’ room with gadgets that make sure they are not left out as technology progresses by leaps and bounds. Increasingly, teachers are beginning to use digital tools in their class room setting. This not only makes the teachers’ lives easier but also proves as a valuable and effective tool for teaching.

Electronic Learning Toys

Few decades ago, if one were to mention kids’ toys, we would instantly think of trucks, dolls and the kind where children would imagine every potential super power capability and drift into an imaginary world. With electronic leaning toys, your kids can go a step further and visually see and enjoy the product of their imagination. Electronic learning toys provide a creative venue for exploring the curious and constructive thoughts of kids. If you have a toddler, he or she can learn the alphabet, colors, shapes, and rhymes with interactive learning systems. Several manufacturers have come out with laptop sized device for kids – they are beautifully designed in kids’ favorite colors and shapes. They teach them different skills and challenge them with questions, once they master a skill. Some of the toys come shaped like watches where kids can not only entertain themselves with fun games and activities but also take pictures and videos. Some toys come in tablet shapes, providing similar skill set for kids – so your kids won’t compete with you for your tablet. Kids can practice their writing skills and improve their knowledge in geography with a smart globe learning toy. If your kids are interested in coding they can do so with computer kit sets sold by a few manufacturers. If your child wants to build digital circuits then there are kid’s electronic building block kits out there that your budding electronic engineer might love. If your child is interested in 3D creation, there are 3D creation kits available to bring your kid’s imagination to reality. Kids can create their piece by drawing with their gel 3D pens and they can load their designs inside a 3D maker with LED light and. They would be thrilled to see the outcome! There are age level/grade level kid’s electronic toys available to suit the varying needs and demands of children as well as parents. The come in variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, from mini robot shape or a wrist watch shaped toy to a real computer like appearance.

They will keep your kids entertained for hours in a constructive way while you have the peace of mind to do your work – be it driving, cooking, or catching up on your office work.

Electronic Systems and Accessories

Kid’s electronics options include systems where they can build their own things. Your child can build his or her robot – this would teach them value of recycling as well as educate them on how to create a motorized toy. Kids can also create their own video game – they get to use software and physical tools to build the game. Once they construct the physical aspect of the game, they can digitize it and use the app to incorporate their creation in to a video game.  The app for building the game can be downloaded on digital device. There are interactive maps which are educational and activated by touch. Kids can learn facts about the world and get quizzed on those. There are reading and writing systems for the young kid who is in the process of learning to spell out words or just beginning to write the alphabet. Beautifully designed headphones are useful accessories to buy for your child. They fit kids’ ears perfectly and teach them how to play something just for themselves to listen too without disturbing others nearby.

You can have your child go to sleep in a theatrical story time setting in his or her own room. You can read the digital story on app provided by the manufacturer and use the projector supplied with the toy kit to project/turn the pages of the digital book on to the wall in the kid’s room. After the story is done, the projector transitions the setting to starry night sky, so you kid can ease into a peaceful slumber after a magical story time. You can also audio record a book or stories on to a pen shaped digital device and have your kid play back the digitally stored book recorded in your own voice. This would certainly soothe your little one when you are unable to read his or her favorite story when desired.

Kids can get creative by hand creating their own games physically in combination with software on a computer. Kids can use physical game pieces to create a puzzle model that is shown by the game software that resides on a computer. Once kids begin assembling the pieces together, the software views the puzzle being made and guides along till the puzzle is fully assembled. Such games can entertain the kids without adult involvement and serve as great tools for a kid’s party, where a grown-up need not be by the side always to help guide the kids with such activities.

Electronic Software and Books

Some time ago you needed to carry physical books if you were an avid reader. But how many books can you possibly carry especially when you travel? Especially kids could get bored if you asked them to read the same books over and again during long drives. With everything digitized in today’s world of electronics, all books are available in electronic form. You can load as many books as you want on electronic devices and carry it with you wherever you go. Moms can record kids’ books with their own voice too in cool electronic handheld devices meant for kids – this would add personal touch to the whole reading process. Interactive books teach younger kids phonics and valuable reading skills. They can understand concepts of sight words, blending of words, learn spellings, pronunciation long before they are taught at school. This would give the young growing minds great fodder and give them an edge as they start school. Before you know it, your toddler could be narrating famous children’s’ stories and repeating nursery rhymes as you listen wand fill you with pride. As younger kids learn a lot by way of interaction these kinds of kids’ electronic books and software prove to be very valuable.

Plug and Play Video Games

While kids’ nature is to explore, and electronic learning tools help satiate their curiosity, growing minds also enjoy entertainment in the form video games. There are games available to suit the varied interest of kids in different age groups. As they all are digitized you can have several games available on one device – especially great when you travel and need some peace inside the vehicle. The games range from adventure, fantasy, action to puzzles, card games, math and logic games. Due to their small size with typical screen size of about 3 inches they are handy for kids. Many of them can be powered with batteries or USB and they could offer from four to seven hours of continuous play. The number of games in those handheld console systems vary and many have hundreds of games for nonstop entertainment. There are also consoles available for classic games like Pacman which could bring good old memories for most of us. The joy-stick controller shaped like Pac-man connects to the TV and takes you back in time. The classic arcade game, Frogger is available with a similar set-up. Whether you want on the go entertainment or choose to play classic games using your TV, video games are a fun addition to any house hold.

Dance Mats

Do you want your kids to exercise and have fun doing so? Do you have kids that are musically inclined and love to dance? If the answer is yes, a great gift to your kids would be dance mats. Designed for all occasions these entertain kids while offering them a good work-out. Need to have a fun party for kids? Bring few of these mats and have kids try their dancing skills. They are available for all age ranges and come in creative shapes and themes to suit your children’s’ needs. There are mats in Disney themes, piano shaped mats, twister moves play mats and so on. If you get a DJ mixer mat, your kid can play around with multiple instruments like drums, piano etc. They can sing with the music using the microphone that comes with the kit and play music from the speakers on the mat when you connect the mat to a portable CD or MP3 player. The mats available for younger kids come with prerecorded songs that kids can dance to, by stepping on them. If your teen is interested in fitness, then you can buy a dance mat which connects to the computer via USB interface to help create a great dance/fitness work out.

Electronic Pets

Having a pet at home, aside from giving you boundless happiness, teaches kids a sense of responsibility and care. But due to different circumstances or living conditions, every family might not be able to afford having a pet. When limited by space or economic constraints, you might be in a fix while wanting to have your child experience having a pet. This is where an electronic pet comes in to play. Electronic pets come in many forms and are available in a huge range of prices. Depending on which pet might cater to your need, you can choose a full-fledged robot dog that can learn and age like a real pet or a simple hand-held dinosaur egg digital virtual pet. There are electronic pets in all shapes and sizes – dogs, cats, horses, monkeys, pandas, hamsters and so on. They do varied functions – they move their heads, bodies, wag tails, make sounds, respond to voice command, eat, sleep and some starve to death if you don’t feed them or take care of them. There are electronic fish that can be activated to swim in a tub or a tank, cute pets that interact with you, do somersaults, and jumps for you. There are sophisticated robot-like pets that sense your gesture and do simple tasks for your kid. A happy hamster spinning on a wheel would keep your little ones squealing with delight. How would you like to see your little one giggle at a cute kitty that purrs, cuddles, pounce, sings and dances in front of you?

Whatever the application, these amazing electronic pets are bound to keep your kids busy!

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